Writers Gone Wild!

Well, now that the page proofs for Even Demons Get The Blues are done and dusted, and the countdown to its June 1st release has begun, it’s time for a new challenge. And I don’t mean opening up my neglected wip and actually writing some “new words” instead of rehashing old ones, either. Nyuh uh.

I have a new challenge: I’ve been invited to join Liane Gentry Skye, Tambra Kendall and Katie Reus of Writers Gone Wild and I’ll be blogging weekly on Thursdays about whatever takes my fancy…in a wildly writerly fashion of course ;-)

So go on, I dare you: check out what these wild ladies have to say about sex, research, getting up close and personal with the paranormal and the joys of writing — just to list a few of the topics. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, then their tagline should: Writers Gone Wild…We give good hero!

Sure works for me!
See you there next Thursday,



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