Hi all,

Just a heads up on a few things that’ve either happened, or are due to happen in the next week. Figured you’d all rather have it in one hit than be bombarded with separate posts, right? Right.

First up:

~On 24th Jan, I was over at the mega-talented Kylie Griffin’s blog as part of her An Author’s Life series of posts. Kylie always has great questions, by the way. So we discussed everything from writing techniques and deadlines, to fan mail and just-for-fun stuff.

~A couple of weeks ago, I was put on the spot with a bunch of reeeally hard questions! interviewed by the Wattpad team about all things writerly and a few things that weren’t :) Unfortunately we had some technical issues with Skype, meaning bits of the interview didn’t tape properly and had to be cut. That podcast has now gone live and you can check it out on the Wattpad  Insider blog or, if you’d prefer, here’s the direct link to the Wattpad channel on SoundCloud. (Note that the sound quality is a bit up and down due to those aforementioned technical issues, and I found that earphones worked better than listening to it via my computer speakers.)

~I’m being interviewed next week by Lisa Flaus, author of 2012 The Final Revelation — will post the link on the Blogging and Giveaways page as soon as it goes live.

~And finally, because I know you’ve all had enough of me by now, as a special treat I have a guest scheduled for Friday 3rd February. My guest is Shona Husk, author of The Goblin King (a current ARRA finalist in the favorite paranormal romance of 2011 category). Shona’s talking about crossing boundaries, and sharing an excerpt from her Feb 1st release Sharing Sirius. Don’t miss it!



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