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Hi y’all,

Writing-wise, this week’s been a complete write-off.

Have you ever had one of those?

Sure you have. Everyone has ’em.

But even though I’ve not managed to do any actual writing, looking back, I’ve still managed to do a bit of “research”. Namely, crammed in some reading time and even managed to finished up a couple of library books. And when I touted up the books I’ve read this week, I was quite surprised by the number!  So maybe I’ve been kidding myself about how busy I’ve been?

Nope. Looking back, I haven’t actually had any sustained reading time, I’ve been snatching a couple of minutes to read here and there. And it’s all added up.

And over at Writers Gone Wild today, I’ve shared some of the weird and wonderful places–and activities!–where I’ve managed to snatch a few minutes to scan a page or three.

(BTW, if someone ever gets ’round to inventing a waterproof eReader that allows me to read in the shower, I’ll be first in line to buy it. Hint hint!!!)

Feel like sharing? Then please pop on over and enlighten me as to how I can squeeze some more reading time into the insane shedule that is my life right now. I’m open to suggestions!



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