Weekly newsletter stuff-up

This is an FYI for anyone who has subscribed to my weekly newsletters…. And has been wondering why they haven’t heard a thing from me!

I love MailChimp. I think it’s nifty as all heck because it automatically generates newsletters whenever a post goes live on this website, saving me the hassle of rembering to send out a manually generated newsletter. Win! And along with the daily newsletter option, clever DH set up a weekly newsletter bundling option, too, so I wouldn’t risk clogging up your in-boxes if I got all enthusiastic with my posts. Combine that with the RSS feed option, and DH and I were feeling pretty darned smug about all this newsletter stuff because we figured we had it sussed (which is Kiwi slang for knowing what we’re doing).

And yanno what happens when you get too smug and start counting your chickens?

Yep: those chickens smack you upside the head. Bwark!

DH got up early this morning so he could update the newsletter template for me and discovered the last update he’d done had activated a default setting…. Which had completely paused the weekly newsletter option.

So our sincerest apologies to anyone who signed up for a weekly newsletter, because it’s unlikely you’ve received one at all since about March. (I’m not a rabid poster by any means, but I sure as heck don’t go months and months without posting any damn thing whatsoever.)

And because you’ve probably missed out on a few givewaway opportunities (and I feel really really crappy about that!) I’ll repeat the upcoming ones here:


Dec 13th 2010, Dark Side Downunder: From The Ashes giveaway
Up for grabs: an electronic copy of From The Ashes
Giveaway drawn: Wed 15th Dec.

Dec 15th 2010, Helene Young’s blog: Steamy Ashes!
Up for grabs: an electronic copy of From The Ashes

Dec 1st to 31st, Red Hot Red Sage Author’s blog: Rock Around December with Red Sage!
Up for grabs: a whole heap of fabulous stuff — check it out:

“This holiday season, the most wonderful, beautiful, talented, sexy, brilliant authors on the planet—your very own Red Sage authors—have put together a contest for our readers. During the month of December, keep your finger on the pulse of the Red Sage Blog, and leave a comment on any post to be entered to win a prize pack. We’re talking signed print copies of the Secrets Anthology, a list of the hottest freakin’ e-books on the market, some e-books that haven’t even been released yet, and goodies galore. You might even find some delicious chocolate showing up on your doorstep in addition to the eye candy our book covers provide.

So follow the blog. Comment. It’s that simple. The more comments you leave, the more times your name is dropped into a hat. The contest runs from December 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. On New Year’s Day, a winner will be announced, so please check back if you aren’t comfortable leaving your email address along with your comment.

We’re so excited to present one lucky reader with a new year of reading material and other fantastic items. So tell your friends. And if you retweet any post, let us know and we’ll throw in an additional chance under your name!

Good luck~”

So make sure you head on over to the Red Sage blog. Red Sage authors will be blogging throughout the month about whatever takes their fancy. And whenever you comment on a post, or retweet a post, you’re in the draw. How easy is that??? BTW, I’m blogging on 20th December, and my prize contribution is winner’s choice of one of my Red Sage books.



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