Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as being too organized!

I have a weekly day-runner, I admit it. I don’t carry it around in my bag coz it’s too darn big, so I keep it open on the current week in the office. It’s full of birthdays and advance appointments and suchlike which I could load into my cellphone, but there’s just too much stuff to be bothered doing that with. It’s easier to scribble it down in the diary and then all I have to do is remember to turn the page over at the end of the week.

I have school-age kids so I have to be organized. It’s the only way I can keep track of sports practices, school meetings, parent/teacher interviews, mufti/sausage sizzle days – and if you’ve ever sent your child to school in their uniform on a mufti day, you’ll know why that’s so important! I mean, who wants to be responsible for them needing therapy for the trauma of being teased by their mates for being ‘the only one’ wearing a uniform that day? We’ve been close a couple of times – even to the stage of being about to hop in the car to take the kids to school and then some sixth sense having me rush upstairs to check the diary… OMG, it’s mufti day! Quick, get that uniform off and chuck some real clothes on! And then there’s keeping track of early school closings for the aforementioned parent/teacher interviews coming up in a couple of weeks. Primary school closes 12.30pm on the Monday. Intermediate closes 12.15pm on the Tuesday and 2.15pm on the Wednesday. And because Term One ends and school holidays begin on the Friday of that week, there’s early closing at 2pm for Primary School on that day – still waiting to hear about Intermediate. Gah! It’s enough to make your head do a 360 deg spin!

So anyway, given the number of school notices spread over two schools that I get every week, a decent diary is essential to keep track so I don’t embarass my kids by forgetting something essential like picking them up from school. Which I almost did once when school closed at 2pm and I didn’t remember until 2pm. It was a close call. And I thought I was pretty much organized…

Until today. You see, in NZ we have daylight saving which involves altering the clocks by one hour over summer so we get more daylight hours. And daylight saving is about to end, so theoretically, we put the clocks back one hour to bring us back to ‘real’ time. So last night before bed, I zipped up to check the diary, and there’s the little pre-printed entry on the Sunday saying ‘daylight saving ends’. Didn’t see anything on TV about it, but hey: the diary can’t be wrong! So we wind all our clocks back an hour plus the microwave, the video, the watches, the various timers, and we think, yay! An extra hour sleep! Except…

We wake up this morning feeling great. Everyone’s early. Kids are ready for school at 8am. Husband’s going to take them to school on his way to work but he’s eating breakfast and reading the Economist coz we have some time up our sleeves. And then a friend of mine knocks on the door. And we stare at her like she’s from another planet, I mean it’s only 8am in the freaking morning! What is she doing here? Then we have ‘that’ conversation about daylight saving and we turn on the radio for what we think is going to be the 8am news, coz yanno, the diary’s right. Except it’s 9am. And the kids are obviously somewhat late for school. I rush upstairs to the diary thinking huh? Was there a misprint? But no, alas. I’ve turned the page over to the next week and I’m reading the entry for first Sunday in April, not last Sunday in March and…
…we’ve done the daylight saving thing an entire week early.

So I ring the schools and explain why they’re not at school yet and that they’re not actually AWOL. Hubby rushes off to brush his teeth and load up the car. And I explain to my highly embarassed children that they’ll just have to blame their over-organized mother for being late to school. Everyone could probably forgive me for forgetting to wind the clocks back altogether. That evidently happens frequently. But to do it an entire week early??? Guess I’d better start saving up coz obviously my kids are going to never live this down and are going to need serious therapy. And the worst thing is, hubby had just figured out how to alter the clock on the DVD recorder and now he’s going to have to alter it back and then do it all again next Sunday. So much for being organized.



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