Valentine’s month blogfest!

red-sage-valentine-feb-2010Hi ya’ll,

Just a reminder that a bunch of Red Sage authors are having a month-long February blogfest to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And reading the blog posts, I can tell you it’s pretty darned hot over at the Red Sage Revealed blog right now, I must say! *fans herself*

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re all talking about lovers. Specifically a lover–or lovers–featuring in one of our books. And of course, since virtual roses or chocolates or champagne unfortunately aren’t anywhere near as good as the real thing, we’re giving away the next best thing: books. Or should I say, the book: namely a copy of the book that features our favorite lover, or lovers, to someone who comments on our blog post.

I’m blogging on 15th Feb–that’s US time, by the way. And because it’s just too hard for me to choose, I’m talking about both my favorite couples…. Plus a few guys who have yet to find their soul-mate.

There’ll be excerpts featuring Rez & Leisa, Naamah & Brennan, everyone’s favorite demon king Asmodeus, and a bit of a dark horse named Abaddon, who had a cameo toward the end of Even Demons Get The Blues.

I’ve already posted a sneak preview of Let Sleeping Demons Lie, my May 1st Red Sage Presents release, here on my website. And my Red Sage Revealed post on 15th Feb will have another excerpt from the novella for your delectation <g>.

In fact, I need your help with finding the right match for Abaddon. He’s a fallen angel, and I’m leaning toward pairing him with– Oops. Sorry. Can’t tell you that quite yet. Read the post and you’ll find out. Not to mention have the chance to tell me who you think Abaddon should hook up with! And anyone who comments on my post will have the chance to win an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Let Sleeping Demons Lie.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And I hope to see you over at Red Sage Revealed on 15th Feb. Can’t wait to talk to you *VBG*



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