Will you be my Valentine again?

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Will you be my Valentine again?  

by Maree Anderson

Hi all,

By the time this post goes live, Valentine’s Day will have already come and gone in New Zealand. But for some of you it’s still in full swing. So….

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

And speaking of Valentine’s Day: sweet words, hearts and flowers, chocolate and champagne, sparkly jewelry…. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Well, if you were to take notice of the TV ads we’re constantly bombarded with on the lead-up to Valentine’s Day you could be forgiven for believing “love” equals expensive gifts… and the more expensive the gift the better. Jewelry, electronics, fancy dinners, overnight stays in even fancier hotels, whiteware…. Yes, you too can show your love for your significant other with a washing machine or dryer!

And if you were to wander into a supermarket to grab some milk (like I happened to do yesterday), then you could be forgiven for thinking “love” equates to bunches of roses, chocolates, and appallingly expensive cards that express the love with a verse or sentiment that says what you can’t, or are too shy to voice.

If you’re a teenager at my kids’ high school, Valentine’s Day is an angst-filled day synonymous with “should I?” or “shouldn’t I?” and “what if s/he doesn’t like me back?” questions that are bravely answered by heart-shaped balloons anonymously purchased for $2 and delivered en masse by runners to lucky recipients during class time. Or in the case of one balloon delivered to a class, two recipients…. because the giver only specified a first name and there happened to be two girls of that name in the class. Uh oh! *winces in sympathy for anonymous giver and the girls*

For me, Valentine’s Day is usually chocolates and champagne that either DH or I buy for us to enjoy that evening as we make like couch-potatoes. Hey, I don’t care who does the buying. I’m an equal-opportunity girl. And if we both happen to have the same idea and come home with bottles of bubbles and boxes of chocolate, then that’s double the celebration… and what’s not to enjoy about that? I still remember buying a bunch of red roses and having them delivered to DH (boyfriend at the time) at the RNZAF base where he was a pilot at the time. I believe he has forgiven me for the ribbing he got from his peers *g* and imagining the expression on his face when the delivery arrived with his name on it still makes me smile. Anyway, it used to be dinners for two or weekends away for us, too, but alas raising teenagers is exhausting and expensive, so we’re content to make do.

But this Valentine’s Day, DH was away at an out-of-town conference, so it was me and the kids and leftovers from the fridge. I seriously thought about buying champagne and chocolate anyway but didn’t bother in the end. Didn’t need it. Because I got the best Valentine’s Day gift of all in the form of a mid-morning text from my husband:

Will you be my Valentine again?

And after two decades of marriage…. Well, yeah. That’s gotta be the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

I love you, sweetheart!


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