Unleashing Secrets Volume 30!

It’s official.

We can finally unleash the cover of the upcoming Red Sage Secrets Volume 3o: Desires Unleashed.

And here it is:

OMG, did you see it? That really is my name there on the cover! Squeee!  My first ever print book! I’m mega-thrilled and hugely excited! Not that  you could ever tell! *VBG*

What do you think?

I love it. But then, I’m totally biased and I can’t really get past seeing my name on the cover *g*

I’ve even got a full cover jpeg with the front, spine, and back with the blurbs, too. But I think I’ll post that to My Books page.

Oh, and speaking of blurbs, here’s the blurb for Kat On A Hot Tin Roof, my novella from the anthology:

KAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF ~ Workaholic architect, Jace Burton, inadvertently flashes Kat Meyer, who later turns up at a crucial meeting… and seduces him in the bathroom. She’s one of the designers vying to impress him. And boy, is he impressed when he discovers her prowling his house — naked. Kat has no clue what’s causing her nocturnal wanderings. And when Jace discovers she’s the victim of a zodiac curse, will he fight to keep her, or run for the hills?

Right. Now it’s off to do copy-edits for Kat and Jace.



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3 Responses to “Unleashing Secrets Volume 30!”

  1. Yay, Maree! Zodiac curse, a flashing architect, what’s not to like? :)

    • Bwah hah hah! My thoughts exactly, Eleni *VBG* This was such a fun story to write. And my editor thinks it’s “howlingly funny” so if readers smile when they read it, I’ll be more than pleased.

  2. Lo says:

    Yay Maree you go girl!

    You must feel so incredibly excited. I know I am for you. Of course I’m adding it to my collection.

    Big congrats