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I finally found an anthology I’ve been looking for on-and-off for a few weeks now — yay! *does the happy dance and carefully shelves it in its proper place this time* I first read “On The Prowl” a few years ago and remembered it contained the novella Alpha and Omega, which introduced a rather fascinating character by the name of Anna.

I love Briggs’ Mercy Thompson shifter books, and back in February I bought “Hunting Ground” (an offshoot series set in the same “world” featuring omega wolf Anna and alpha wolf Charles). After reading Hunting Ground I realized I needed to re-read the novella that introduced Anna and started her series. Often I don’t mind reading series books out of order, but there’s a definite delight to be had in reading them in the proper order, fully experiencing the nuances of the characters and watching them grow and develop in each subsequent book. So imagine my delight when I found On The Prowl hiding out at the back of one of my crammed full bookcases.

The scenes from Charles’ POV when he first encounters Anna in Alpha and Omega are a particular delight. Charles could so easily have succumbed to romancelandia’s uber-alpha-borderline-asshole syndrome, and been portrayed as a guy who walks all over Anna and insists she do everything his way — for her own good, of course. Instead he’s anything but an asshole. He’s dominant and very (very!) alpha, but he’s hyper-aware of Anna’s horrific past and how badly its damaged her. He’s so careful of her, so patient, so willing to let her set the pace and take the lead when someone pushes her too far, that their relationship is just… wonderful.

So although Hunting Ground stands alone just fine, if you haven’t read Alpha and Omega I’d encourage you to grab a copy. It’s worth it to see Anna and Charles at the very beginning of their relationship.

The other thing I have to mention about the On The Prowl anthology is that all four novellas are equally awesome. For me, not one failed to deliver a complete character arc and wholly satisfying story, while still making me want to read more of the characters in subsequent full-length books — not an easy thing to do with a novella-length story. Too often I’m like, yeah, that was pretty good… but I’m happy to leave it there.

So hats off to Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance and Sunny. It doesn’t get much better than this in an anthology.

Here’s my reading list for June 2013:

  • What I Did for a Duke by Julie Anne Long
  • The Truth Behind His Touch by Cathy Williams
  • The Pleasure of Your Kiss by Teresa Medeiros
  • The Blackmailed Bride’s Secret Child by Rachel Bailey
  • Claiming his Bought Bride by Rachel Bailey
  • In The Italian’s Sights by Helen Brooks
  • Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
  • Blue Velvet by Iris Johansen
  • The Good Daughter by Jane Porter
  • High Stakes Bride by Fiona Brand
  • Insurgent by Veronica Roth
  • Deep Blue by Suzanne McMinn
  • My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent
  • Fair Coin by E.C. Meyers
  • My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent
  • My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent
  • Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs**
  • Inhuman by Eileen Wilks**
  • Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder
  • Buying Trouble by Karen Chance**
  • Mona Lisa Betwining by Sunny**

**From the “On The Prowl” anthology



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