Turning over a new leaf…maybe

Hi y’all.

Going through some “stuff” at the moment–as we writers periodically do. You know: those times when all the doubts come crashing down on us and we wonder what the heck we think we’re doing trying to make a career out of writing books. And we feel like giving up. Must be the way our brains are wired…. Or something.

For me, anyway, there’s no middle ground. I either love, love, LOVE writing. Or I hate it with a passion only reserved for really awful chocolate masquerading as the real thing. Or perhaps realizing the last bottle of wine you have left in your cellar is corked and tastes like vinegar.

Oh, I must clarify here: it’s not the actual process of writing I periodically get a downer on, it’s all the stuff that goes with it. Like querying. And form rejection letters (or worse, no response at all). And marketing yourself. And opening up old manuscripts and reading them and thinking, “OMG, that bit is really good! And so is that bit. Yep, I love this manuscript!” And revisiting judges’ comments on aforementioned old manuscripts and going, “Wow. Most of them really loved this story. How cool is that?” And then sitting down in my chair and going, “So…. How come I can’t get an agent? What is wrong with my writing? What am I doing wrong?”

Maybe what I’m doing wrong is that instead of sticking to one genre, I’m constantly challenging myself by trying new things. I’ve generally written paranormals, yes, but they’re all different.

1st person POV? Done that. 3rd person? Of course! Erotic? Yep.Sweet? You betcha.

Paranormal chick-lit. Paranormal with a scifi twist. Paranormal with a Regency twist. Paranormal erotic romance. SciFi erotic romance. Paranormal YA. Fantasy….  The list goes on.

And I think maybe I haven’t been “smart” enough in what I’ve chosen to write. Maybe I need to stop writing whatever I feel like, and specifically target a market/publisher/editor.

Anyway, that’s the gist of my Writers Gone Wild post today. And it’s interesting to see what the commenters have to say so far.

Check it out if you feel like reading a longish post. Otherwise, as usual I’ll keep you posted on What Maree Did Next! right here.



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2 Responses to “Turning over a new leaf…maybe”

  1. Lo says:

    You know Maree I often wonder why the agent thing happens too. Do you know of or heard of Allison Rushby?

    She lives not that far from me or used to…anyway she has become a pretty big selling chic lit author but man getting an agent was hell for her.

    She would turn up on their doorsteps but finally it worked for her. I’ve read your stuff and it amazes me that you have not been picked up yet.

    Having said that let me also say that Trish Morey took 11 yrs and now she is a huge seller for HQN. You probably know her.

    I am batting for you!!!

    • Maree says:

      Yes, I’ve met both Allison and Trish — they’re awesome writers!

      Hey, thanks for the support, Lo. As always, you’re wonderful to me. I’ll keep hanging in there!