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Sorry about the blatant self-promotion — and there’s a part of me that’s cringing at doing this. But the part of me that’s worked my butt off as a writer (and been tempted to give up writing entirely except I couldn’t because I’m heinous to be around when I’m not writing) is telling me to shout this out, and quit being embarrassed because it’s worth boasting about celebrating.

Today I reached a bit of a personal milestone as an author…

…by hitting Number 1 on iTunes Top Romance Free Books list with The Crystal Warrior! (Plus, it’s currently sitting at Number 3 on the Top Free Books chart across all categories, which is Pretty. Darned. Amazing.)

And yes, you’d better believe I screen-captured that Number 1 on the chart spot before it disappeared!



(Yep, that’s my book, waaay over to the left of the screen capture.)

Even more surprising, the next two books in the series aren’t doing too badly in the Top Romance Paid Books, either — currently sitting at No.7 (Jade’s Choice) and No.8 (Ruby’s Dream):



Earlier this week another of my freebies, Seer’s Hope, made it to Number Two on the Top Sci Fi and Fantasy Free Books before being bumped back a few spots,  and believe me, I thought that was exciting! Same with having the next two books in the trilogy (Seer’s Promise and Seer’s Choice) showing up on the top 200 chart in Top Sci Fi and Fantasy Paid Books, along with a heap of SFFP heavyweights that I’m in total awe of. But there’s something about hitting that Number 1 spot. Validation, perhaps? Whatever, I’m not going to analyze it to death. I’m just going to bask in it for a little while because it’s a way the heck cool-as feeling *g*

Thanks for letting me boast, and I promise it’ll never happen again. Well, unless one of my books manages to do something really extraordinary ;-)



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