How times have changed — thankfully!

My mom sent me a copy of an email currently doing the rounds. You know the kind: funny, outrageous, sometimes shocking, often more urban legend than truth. Most likely devised by some wag with far too much spare time on his/her hands.

Anyway, she showed this one to a group of her friends and it was generally the subject of much hilarity. Except on the part of an older woman who simply nodded her head in agreement and didn’t see what was so amusing at all. Oh my.

It’s supposedly an actual extract from a sex education school textbook for girls, printed in the U.K. in the early 1960s. And if it is a genuine extract, then personally, I find it both amusing and quite disturbing at the same time. DH felt exactly the same way, amusement tempered by a degree of horror. This is only 40-50 years ago, after all. Thank goodness times have changed!

And if you’d like a taste of exactly how much they’ve changed — for the better — then check out my latest Writers Gone Wild post with the full excerpt. If nothing else, it’ll make your hair curl. And your daughter thank you profusely for having her in such an enlightened day and age, LOL.



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