It’s about time for another interview!

Shadowfae coverIf you’ve ever run your cursor over the News tab in my website header, you may have noticed that among other things, it states that this category is used for “…the occasional interview with someone famous!”

Well, it’s been a while since I talked to anyone famous on my website, but I’ve very pleased to announce that the drought is over.

The lovely (and extremely talented!) Erica Hayes, author of Shadowfae, has taken time out of her hellishly busy schedule to send me one of her very witty posts for y’all to read.

Pssst! BTW, she has a burning question that she would like you to answer, too!

So mark this in your diaries, folks:

When: Saturday 24th October

Where: here!

Who: Erica Hayes

Topic: Why Demons Make Great Boyfriends!

Burning Question: Find out on Saturday!



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