Studying The End

Where’s that cool word I jotted down for Word of the Week? I know it’s here somewhere…. *rummages through notes lying on her desk. has a thought. flicks through pages of her diary* Aha. Bingo. Had scrawled it down as a diary entry on 1st November. It would have been a lovely piece of synchronicity — not to mention unconsciously ultra-clever — to have scrawled it down on 31st October, which, being the end of the month, would have been a little more meaningful (as you’ll soon realize). But alas, 31st October was all full up with notes :)

Back to the Word of the Week. I was reading Dark Currents (Agent of Hel) by Jacqueline Carey, and this word one threw me for a real loop because I had no idea whatsoever of the meaning from the context of the sentence:


Hmmm. Chat is French for cat, so something to do with studying cats? Just kidding. And once something yanks me from the story and my brain starts trying to make sense of it, I only have two choices:

  1. get out of bed and go find a dictionary
  2. force myself to read on

I chose option number 1 because hey, I figured it’d make a good Word of the Week. Not to mention, remaining ignorant was only gonna bug me and detract from my enjoyment of the story. Mind you, I was partially comforted by the fact the main character in the book was clueless as to the meaning, too. (Note to author: I know the guy who used this word in conversation is an intellectual and it’s entirely appropriate for him, but if you’d clued in your heroine so she/me understood the reference and I didn’t have to get out of bed to rustle up my dictionary, I’d have been very grateful. Other than that teeny tiny quibble, I loved this book to bits.)

Of course once I’d looked up the meaning I had one of those “Well, duh! That makes sense” moments.

I won’t torture you further *g*

ESCHATOLOGY: from the Greek eschatos, meaning “last” — department of theological science concerned with four “last” things, i.e. death, judgement, heaven and hell.

BTW: if you’re curious to find out why the “Hel” in the subtitle is spelled with only one “l” you can click here to read the first chapter of Dark Currents.







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