It’s Sunday morning. DH bought me breakfast in bed–what a man! Sigh….

But the coffee’s finished, as is the book I was reading. Not to mention there’s another load of washing to do–once the powers that be stop mucking with our water pressure and there’s more than a pathetic dribble coming from the taps, that is. And I’ve got corrections to make after a hard-copy read through of From The Ashes, so I can finally email the revisions off to my editor. Which all means that I can’t justify staying in bed any longer. Sigh….

Don’t know ’bout you, but the first thing I do after switching on the computer is to check my emails. And this morning I found a May Bonus Issue of the Red Sage newsletter in my inbox.

Guess what?

You’ll never guess so I’ll tell you *VBG*

I’m the spotlighted author!

There’s covers, info, and links for Let Sleeping Demons Lie and Even Demons Get The Blues. I’ve never been spotlighted before, so excuse me if I sound overly excited. For me, this is a big freaking deal. Woohoo!

And, OMG, so thats what the stuff I wrote on the CIF & CAF could end up being used for. Yikes!

Reading through this intro that I wrote months ago, I gotta laugh:

My name is Maree Anderson and I have a confession to make: I have multiple addictions. I’m addicted to chocolate – the darker the better! I’m addicted to gym sessions… but only to the extent that I can eat more chocolate and still fit into my favorite jeans. I’m addicted to my Thursday night Ceroc dance classes – which means sneaking in reeeally late and trying not to wake my husband. I’m also addicted to Twitter, Facebook, email, blogs and online shopping – books, clothes, groceries, Christmas and birthday presents for the entire family… you name it, I’ll buy it online. And I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m also responsible for various couriers needing therapy. Because inevitably, whenever the doorbell rings I will still be in my pjs, sitting at my computer, engrossed in my latest work in progress. Which means I have to grab my robe and rush downstairs to sign for delivery. I’m sure it’s not a pretty sight – sorry, guys!

*snort* Seems some things never change. But in the unlikely event that a courier turns up on my doorstep on a Sunday, at least with our water pressure issues I have a real good excuse for still being in my pjs and robe.



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