Honestly, do the instigators of these spam comments really think I’m that stupid? Do they really think I’m gonna approve some dumbass suck-up comment written in pidgen English, telling me how wonderful my blog is, when their website link is something like “”?

Duh. I’m not that desperate for blog comments.

One thing I like about WordPress is the nifty little add-on that allows me to blacklist the evil spammers with the click of a button. Of course, I still need to click the link, log in, and then manually consign the spam comment to the trash, which all takes precious time that I don’t have. And it still irks the freaking flaming heck out of me that no matter how much I amp up my spam detection, these little buggers get through. It’s a pain but there’s nothing much you can do but grit your teeth and blacklist away, then viciously assault the Delete Permanently key and sneer “Take that, sucker!”

And then there’s those annoying people on Twitter who send through the tweets with links for writing jobs. As fast as I block them, a new lot pop up from a different bunch of tweeters. Heck, I’ve even been spammed by some Nigerian dude via DM on Facebook. Nothing’s sacred these days.

So for those of you who’re forced to grit your teeth on a daily basis while wading through and deleting spam, I thought you might appreciate this letter to the editor from December 4th’s The Economist periodical.

“SIR — How right you were to think that spammers are becoming ever more creative. Only last week I received an email from the “Nigerian Space Agency” asking me for assistance in connection with the rescue of a Nigerian astronaut stranded on the Soviet Salyut 6 space station, where he has apparently been stuck since a secret space flight took him there in 1989, never to return after the subsequent demise of the Soviet Union. Ian Fleming would have been impressed.”

(Julius Hugelshofer)

ROFLMAO! Thank you, Mr. Hugelshofer. That was priceless.



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