Sounds rude but it’s not. Really.

I’m procrastinating again. As you do when you don’t want to tackle end-of-year accounts… but the accounts reports have been sitting on your printer for a few days… and considering how much you nagged DH to print the darn things, you reeeally should get cracking. *sigh*

And the fine art of procrastination got me procrastinating further by thinking back to a few weeks back when DS and I were sitting in the car, waiting to pick up DD. DS asked me the meaning of a word he wasn’t sure of from the book he was reading. I tossed off an answer, then figured what the hey, I’ll check out the handy dandy dictionary ap on my iPhone. Better still, I’ll get DS (who loathes using dictionaries with an unholy passion) to look it up. Inevitably, the fascination of an electronic dictionary rather than a boring old paper one (his sentiment, not mine) held sway and we started looking up words–including a rude word he’d heard used at school. ‘Nuff said, things kinda went downhill from there and lots of hilarity ensued. What can I say? In my defense, I’d rather him know the meaning of rude words so he knows not to use them. Not to mention when he or his friends–girls in particular–are being insulted and further action needs to be taken… like sticking up for your friends and/or informing an adult if it’s something really nasty.

And, among other things, we came across a really cool word that sounds reeeeally rude, but isn’t. It’s the kind of word you’d dare your mate to try out on your teacher…. and he’d probably get sent to the principal’s office, because even though it’s not rude, it sounds rude, and the teacher would know damn well he was being a smartass. It’s the kind of word that if you posted it a status update on Facebook, people would read it and spit their coffee all over their monitor.  It’s the kind of word that DH inserts into a conversation at work just to hear one of his colleagues almost fall of his chair with laughter.

It’s the kind of word that gave me the idea of adding a Word Of The Week category to my website, because hey, there’s just so many awesome-sauce words out there that are simply crying out to be given a chance to shine. Or make someone spit their coffee. Or ROFL.

So here’s the Word Of The Week:

CUNCTATION: noun — the act of procrastinating; to hesitate, linger

Also, CUNCTATOR:  noun –someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness); someone who procrastinates, delays

*snigger* Honestly, this word just cracks me up! (Yes, I am that childish.)

Anyway, stay tuned for more weird and wonderful words. And don’t worry, unlike this post, future ones are bound to be short and saccharine ;-)

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2 Responses to “Sounds rude but it’s not. Really.”

  1. Oh, that made me laugh, too. :)) I must be childish as well.