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It’s been a while since I posted something Just For Fun — maybe because I’ve been too darn busy to have much fun lately? Anyway, I’ve carefully been collecting links to a bunch of cool vids for a few months so I figured it was way past time to post ’em up. (Hey, it’s Saturday morning and I’m about to go put on another load of washing and get stuck into the vacuuming. So at this point, anything is more fun than that, right?)

“Posh Dancing”

This one’s for the Pride and Prejudice buffs among us. (And as one YouTube commenter said: “Who HASN’T wanted to say that to Caroline Bingley at some point in the book?” (And if I’d been in this video, I’d have lost patience with her looooong ago *g*)

“10 Shades of Badass”

Click the link to check out this Japanese TRON lightsuit dance

Kinda has to be seen to be believed — awesome! Anyone know where can I get me a suit like that?

“One Direction takes a… New Direction?”

Whether you love or loathe One Direction, I think you’ll enjoy this version of That’s What Makes You Beautiful from the Broadway cast and crew of Roundabout Theater Company’s “Anything Goes” — hey, you can always mute the sound:

“Precision Walking”

Finally, an incredible example of precision walking in the video for Genki Shudo’s Mind Shift — starts off slowly and gets really really amazing about 3 minutes into the video, so make sure you keep watching :

Enjoy your weekend!






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2 Responses to “Something for everyone”

  1. Dannie Hill says:

    Glad you’re taking time to have a bit of fiun, Maree! Thanks for the vids

    • You’re welcome, Dannie. I figure everyone needs a little bit of fun in their lives. My DH appreciated the Posh Dancing vid — caused a few smiles and loud guffaws :)