A sneak preview of LET SLEEPING DEMONS LIE

LSDL cover finalJust got the final proof of my second Demons novella, Let Sleeping Demons Lie, back from the Red Sage team.

Yay! It’s soooo purty! And so darn cool to be able to load it onto my iPhone so I can show it off to friends ;-) Hmmm. I can feel a contest coming on. Watch this space.

In the meantime, while I get myself organised for the start of the school year, I thought I might share a couple of things.

One is the To My Reader section I wrote for the book, which kinda explains why I just “had” to write this particular story:

“While writing Even Demons Get The Blues, the first novella in my Demons series, it wasn’t easy convincing a certain stroppy Felinoid Demon to back off and let the actual hero and heroine take center stage. I knew that I would eventually have to give her her own story. And I knew that she needed a very special hero, too—a man who wasn’t going to take any bullshit from her, a man who would ultimately teach her that what she thinks is love, is merely a pale imitation of the real thing. She takes a heckuva lot of convincing, though, and I hope that you will enjoy her struggle as she finds her happy ever after with her shape-shifting Lion prince.

Kitty vs Lion…. Watch the fur fly in Let Sleeping Demons Lie!”

And just for those of you who’ve told me you want to take Asmodeus the Demon King home to bed and “punish” him for his transgressions — he seems to be a reader favorite! — here’s a treat especially for you. As you can see, Asmodeus is scheming again… In a biiig way ;-)



“And so,” Councillor Belphegor droned, “my proposal will ensure that Demonkind remain pure, unsullied.”

Asmodeus, King of all Demons and currently wishing he wasn’t any such thing, snorted. Duh! As if Demonkind weren’t abominations already. Wasn’t that the whole freaking point? “Good luck trying to enforce that , you old douche-bag.”

“What was that you said?” Belphegor, belatedly remembering just who he had the privilege of addressing, added, “Your Eminence?”

“Merely thinking aloud.” Asmodeus rubbed his jaw and gave Belphegor’s proposal due consideration. Yeah. Riiight, he thought. What a pile of shit. The Toad Demon’s brain must have finally oozed out his ear and pissed off to find a more worthy host.

The Councillors respected their King’s preoccupation for bare seconds before they had the temerity to talk amongst themselves. Asmodeus tuned them out while he wrestled with his anger. He’d been closeted with these idiots for hours, forced to exert all his powers of persuasion to thwart one asinine fucking proposal after another. He was way past anger and bordering on furious, which was not at all an emotion he was desirous of succumbing to at present. If he acted on the rage pricking him to do what his instincts dictated, he’d rip the heads off each and every last one of these drooling half-wits and suck them dry.

Second thoughts, scratch that image. He wouldn’t suck them dry. Their blood was so bland, their minds so weak and cowardly, it would not be worth the effort. He would slash their throats and let them bleed out, buff his nails while their insipid lifeblood seeped all over his lovely shiny marble floor. Maybe amuse himself by skating in it. Oh, yeah.

Unfortunately, the strictures Lucifer had placed on him were such that Asmodeus could not allow himself to indulge in such delights. Murdering Council members was a big fat no-no. Asmodeus could threaten them, maybe torture them if he was truly provoked, but he couldn’t off them.

At least, not personally. Not overtly.

He gnawed on his lower lip with his fangs and absently licked at the droplets of blood. The time had come for him to replace these ancient Council members with more open-minded, progressive beings. It was time to usher in a new regime, one where Demons earned the privilege of sitting on the Council rather than being accorded it merely because they’d survived to a great age. Lucifer take them, but those present today had only survived by dint of their cravenness, always fleeing and hiding themselves at the merest whiff of a threat to their mangy hides.

And these pathetic, jabbering excuses for Demons presumed to dictate policy to him—their King, for fuck’s sake! All personal risk to his own awesome ass aside, an “unfortunate event” was lurking in the future of each and every Council member. And he would start with the most irritating of the lot, Belphegor.

On cue, the perfect solution solidified in his devious mind. A wide grin split his face, and he beamed at the Councillors with such a blinding flash of teeth and fangs that those still possessing a modicum of intelligence reared back. “An interesting proposal indeed, Belphegor,” he drawled.

The portentous lump of lard called Belphegor lacked even the intelligence to be concerned by the unholy glee glowing in his King’s eyes. Fat fool.

“The Lycan Queen has requested my assistance with a minor matter, but you may attend her in my stead.” Which was a bald-faced lie, but then, Asmodeus excelled at lying. “It will be the perfect opportunity for you to explain this proposal of yours to Queen Marlena and win her over to your excellent cause.”

“But…but….” Belphegor blustered, obviously appalled by the suggestion that he get off his flabby ass and do something remotely resembling work.

Asmodeus pinned the indolent Councillor with a gaze that brooked no further argument. “You will leave tomorrow, Belphegor.”

The Councillor wouldn’t survive his encounter with the Lycans. The minute he opened his mouth he would likely insult one of the volatile creatures—he was just that fucking stupid. And a teensy bit of psychic tampering would prod him to commit some heinous act that would see him ripped to shreds. Thus, Asmodeus could demand reparations from the Lycan Realm, even as they rid him of a huge pain in his ass.

And he knew the perfect creature to rile up those oversexed Lycan males so they couldn’t tell their brains from their dicks.

A delectable little temptation Belphegor wouldn’t be able to resist either.

Of course, it would mean some major tampering so that the Lycans wouldn’t suspect her as a plant. Did he dare? By Lucifer’s hairy asshole, he dared! He ran his tongue over his lower lip, savoring the wickedness of it all.

Nothing was quite so satisfying as killing two Demons with one stone.

Let Sleeping Demons Lie. An eRed Sage Publication. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2009
Let Sleeping Demons Lie © 2009 by Maree Anderson
Cover © 2009 by Tuesday Dube

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the sneak preview!



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