Shying away

Today’s Word Of The Week is a strange little word.

It doesn’t really roll off the tongue, per se, but it’s quite fun to say:


Say it with me, now. BLENCH.

See how much fun that is? You could relish saying it, even: BUH-LEN-CH.

But before you can relish BLENCH or BLENCHING, you have to know what it means, right? Because we’re not having any of this School Spelling List bollocks (à la my kids, who knew how to spell loads of impressive words but didn’t have the faintest freaking clue what they meant. *rolls eyes ceiling-ward in not-so-mock despair*)

BLENCH: intransitive verb — to falter, recoil, flinch, shrink back, shy away

Cool, huh?

Or maybe not so cool when you use it in a manuscript but your editor makes you pick another word, because this one might pull readers from your story and send them running for a dictionary. And then they’ll hate on you for being a smartass, and using a word like blench, when you could have just used “shy away from”. Sigh….

Incidentally, there’s an old 80’s song that talks about shying away, complete with a video that was quite ahead of its time SFX-wise. Sure, we laugh at it now, but it was pretty darn way cool back then… despite the 80s hair ;-) Mmm. I don’t think the lyrics would work quite as well if they’d substituted “blenching” for “shying away” *g*

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2 Responses to “Shying away”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    I don’t like “blench”. Reminds me of both “bleach” and “clench” (as in clenching buttocks), so basically “blench” reminds me of anal bleaching.

    But well done on working “bollocks” into your post! ;-)

    • Eeeeew! You’ve just put me off that poor innocent little word for life *g* And fergodsakes don’t mention it to the Smart Bitches. Next thing we know it’ll be mentioned on their blog, right up there with the mighty wang and the magic hoo-hoo *shudders*

      BTW, I hoped you’d appreciate the cunning insertion of “bollocks”. I thought specifically of you when I used it!