She has to be “liked”

Just so’s you know, the title of this post is a nod to Jenny Morris’s 1989 song “She Has To Be Loved” from her album Shiver:

Personally I preferred the original version, but could only find a short 50-second promo vid (all the others were so badly dubbed I couldn’t bear to watch them, let alone inflict them upon anyone else):

So I guess you’re wondering, “What’s this got to do with anything? Or is Maree just posting some random song on her blog just for the helluvit? Gee, thanks, Maree, but we’re not that into 80s music!”

Well, it’s like this: Despite numerous people recommending that author pages on Facebook are a “must”, I’ve been putting off organizing one. I like my personal page. I like my friends. I like that I can promo a little bit but otherwise keep it personal because that’s more “me”.

But I’ve with my first ever print book coming out in a few weeks, bringing the total to 5 books, I figured I’d better just do it.

What. A. Freaking. Performance. And talk about nerve-wracking. Evidently once I had enough page “likes” I could choose a url. Only catch is, I’m stuck with it forever. Plus, if I accidentally attach it to my personal page (easy enough to do according to numerous Beware!-style forums), I’m — you guessed it! — stuck with that url forever on my personal page.

And then there’s the whole “like” me thing. Sheesh. It’s like being back in high school. Mind you, I really wasn’t one of the popular crowd at high-school. (Mainly because my parents were scary-strict and I was never allowed to do anything fun. And I was kind of a nerd. But that’s another whole blog post right there! LOL)

Anyhow, it’s done now. So here’s the link to my brand spanking new Facebook author page if you feel like taking a peek. I’ll be keeping it strictly writing and reading and industry related — no updates on the arrival of the electrician & plumber, or how much I sucked at that kata during karate class, or how inane and irrelevant DS’s literacy homework is this week, or how incredibly thrilling my life is right now. (Hah. It’s sooo not exciting, let me tell you. The most exciting thing that happened to me this week was my DH telling me his anniversary present to me would be arriving on Wednesday. Well, it was exciting for like, 30 whole seconds until I realized he was referring to the new washing machine and dryer being delivered on Wednesday. Lucky for him he’d bought chocolates and champers or he’d have been sleeping in the guest bedroom, especially since what flashed into my mind was “OMG, he’s gone and bought me an iPad!” No such luck. Sigh….)

BTW, did I mention I’ve posted up excerpts from all of my published books? Shiny new excerpts, I might add. Because I’m all into bribery *g* (You can read them in the Notes section on the left-hand sidebar of my Facebook page.)

That “She has to be liked” post title is kinda making sense now, right?



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