What We Do in the Shadows

This one’s ‘specially for my overseas followers.

You guys might have come across Jemaine Clement by way of the uber-popular TV series Flight of the Conchords. But if you haven’t, check this out:

You might recognize the name Taika Waititi by way of his acclaimed film “Boy” (released internationally in 2012). Or for some classic “Taika”, here he is in a Steinlager Pure ad:

Okay, so now I’ve kind of set the scene, imagine these two guys collaborating on a mock-doc about four vampires flatting in modern-day Wellington, NZ, and you’ve got “What They Do in the Shadows“.

All the trailers I’ve seen so far have cracked me up so much I can’t wait to go see this one when I get a spare moment. And I thought I’d share the laughs around a bit with the film’s official trailer (and a review from Stuff.co.nz).










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