SFR Brigade

Hi all,

I recently joined the SFR Brigade in the search for “intelligent life (and a little romance) on the bookshelves” <g>.

And yesterday I was invited to do a new member interview. Which went live today *gulp*

So I’ve been put under the big microscope, and I’m answering reeeeally important questions. Such as, my favorite SFR book or movie. And what SFR book would I most like to be stranded in, and with whom. Mmmm. Very thought-provoking ;-).

I’m also talking about my December Red Sage release, From The Ashes and I’d love it if you would pop on over to the SFR blog and say “Hi!”

In the meantime, it’s head out of the solar-sphere and back down to earth. Daughter, who we thought was immune, has now also come down with chickenpox. Where did that Pinetarsol go again? Sigh..



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