September was simply Delicious!

delicious250That moment when… you get all excited about a (supposedly) new-to-you book, and then, a few pages in, you realize you’ve already read it… but it’s soooo good, you don’t even care, and you hide yourself away from the world until you’ve demolished it from cover to cover…. Yeah. That happened to me in September. Possibly because I was still fighting a horrible flu, and my brain was a little fuzzed. Or possibly because my subconscious figured I needed what this particular book had to offer, at this particular time.

Delicious by Sherry Thomas was the aforementioned “This seems very familiar…. Ack, I’ve read this already, but… damn it’s good!” book.

There are so many delicious, memborable things about this book — it’s set in the Victorian era rather than the Regency era; it features a heroine (Verity) who is a little older than the norm for a heroine in a historical romance; it’s an “upstairs/downstairs” romance (the hero is the heroine’s employer), and it’s full of simply sublime, mouthwatering descriptions of the various dishes Verity cooks — dishes that literally leave guests lost for words, and their taste-buds whimpering with pleasure.

All the while I was reading, I kept envisioning this book as a movie. I could just picture the surprised, blissful, awed expressions on diners’ faces as they sampled Verity’s food… and Verity throwing tantrums in the kitchen whenever Stuart (the hero), sent the majority of his meal back untouched. Not to mention the bath scene. (Excuse me while I fan myself….)

So would someone pretty-please-with-creme-caramel-on-top make Delicious into a movie??? For me???

Here’s the blurb:

Famous in Paris, infamous in London, Verity Durant is as well-known for her mouthwatering cuisine as for her scandalous love life. But that’s the least of the surprises awaiting her new employer when he arrives at the estate of Fairleigh Park following the unexpected death of his brother. Lawyer Stuart Somerset worked himself up from the slums of Manchester to become one of the rising political stars of England’s Parliament. To him, Verity Durant is just a name and food is just food until her first dish touches his lips. Only one other time has he felt such pure arousal—a dangerous night of passion with a stranger, a young woman who disappeared at dawn. Ten years is a long time to wait for the main course, but when Verity Durant arrives at his table, there’s only one thing that will satisfy Stuart’s appetite for more. But is his hunger for lust, revenge—or that rarest of delicacies, love? For Verity’s past has a secret that could devour them both even as they reach for the most delicious fruit of all…

And if you’re still debating whether to sample Delicious, here’s an in depth review by SB Sarah over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Now I’m off to daydream about who they would cast as Stuart….

And here’s my full September 2015 reading list:

  • Delicious by Sherry Thomas
  • No True Gentleman by Liz Carlyle
  • To Sin With The Tycoon by Cathy Williams
  • Reunited in Paris by Sue MacKay
  • 200 Harley Street: The Shameless Maverick by Louisa George
  • 200 Harley Street: The Tortured Hero by Amy Andrews
  • The Family He Needs by Lucy Clark
  • Rogue by Julie Kagawa
  • Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh
  • Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh
  • Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh
  • The Consultant’s Conflict by Lucy Clark
  • Secrets of Whitewater Creek by Sarah Barrie
  • Archangel’s Blade by Nalini Singh
  • Archangel’s Storm by Nalini Singh
  • The Stolen Princess by Anne Gracie
  • Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle
  • Again The Magic by Lisa Kleypas
  • The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
  • Sin City Wedding by Katherine Garbera
  • A Tempting Engagement by Bronwyn Jameson
  • Millionaire Under The Mistletoe by Tessa Radley
  • Pretend Mistress, Bona Fide Boss by Yvonne Lindsay
  • The Drafter by Kim Harrison
  • Mistaken Mistress by Tessa Radley
  • Bride By Mistake by Anne Gracie
  • High Seas to High Society by Sophia James*
  • Masquerading Mistress by Sophia James*
  • A Breathless Bride by Fiona Brand
  • Interview With The Daredevil by Nicola Marsh
  • How To Win The Dating War by Aimee Carson
  • Magic Shifts by Ilona Daniels
  • Mistletoe Magic by Sophia James**
  • The Winter Queen by Amanda McCabe**
  • Playing His Dangerous Game by Tina Duncan

*Quills: Regency Scandals
**Quills: Christmas Betrothals

Happy Reading!


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