September reads and the evils of Sudoku

Have been writing up a storm for the first few weeks of this month and feeling pretty smug. Then for the past week, nix. Mind you, I’ve got two really valid excuses.

Excuse Number 1: I’ve been away on holiday for 3 days this week… Yeah, alright, I know: it’s no excuse. I could have been scribbling on serviettes and scraps of paper or even in the cool little Moleskine notebook hubby gave me specifically to jot down my thoughts. But as I haven’t had a ‘proper’ holiday in a while, I figured I deserved three days without angsting about writing, editing my writing or actually DOING any writing… so sue me.

It was hubby’s birthday and he just didn’t feel like partying (substitute having to clean up the barbie, spruce up the garden and help me cook up a storm then clean up after 20-30 guests, here). So, given it’s school holiday time and he wanted to have a ‘family’ celebration, we went to Rotorua for a few days. AND neither of us took our laptops – unlike our last supposed holiday where hubby spent hours reconfiguring his laptop and I spent hours every day on a borrowed one sorting out a conference problem. Not gonna fall into that trap again. Three days enforced abstinence… yahoo! Will be full of ideas and raring to go when I get back!

We stayed in a great hotel, ate far too much at the breakfast buffet, walked it off only to indulge at lunch and then again at dinner, did a few touristy things like the gondola and the luge (love it!) and patted lion cubs at Paradise Valley… you get the picture. And given the price of the hotel room, when we weren’t swimming in the heated pool, broiling in the mineral hot tubs or sweating it out in the sauna, we did spend a fair amount of time lounging round in our room. Son discovered the joys of the in-room safe and promptly locked his toys in it to stop his sister from playing with them. She wasn’t having any of that and anyway, she knew the combination… or so she thought. Except her sneaky little brother had changed it, so she ended up temporarily locking them both out of the safe – ahhhhh the joys of taking children on holiday. But hey, the breakfast buffet had waffles (!) and if all else failed there was the pool, so peace was eventually restored.

Incidentally, have you ever tried to sleep in a hotel room with two kids? Especially when the beds are made with the crispest sheets ever known to man and they rustle every time one of them moves? Not much sleeping was done. Which is one of the reasons why no writing has been done since my return – I’m tired and can barely look at a computer screen without wincing. I guess it didn’t much help that I went to dance class last night and danced till about 11pm then went on to the aforementioned-in-a-previous-post ‘restaurant’ for toast and a glass of Lindauer and crawled into bed about 12.30am this morning. Woke up with a headache that even a T’ai Chi class couldn’t budge… and the kids over to play this afternoon aren’t helping either… not that they’re noisy kids, really, I’m just feeling like I need a nap! Sad state of affairs when 1 glass of methode champenoise and 7 hours sleep leave you hung over. Must be getting old…

Excuse Number 2: This second reason why I haven’t done any writing is entirely my father-in-law’s fault. You see, while we were blobbing in the hotel room (well, digesting our breakfast, lunch or dinner in truth!) he introduced us to Sudoku. And now the entire family is hooked. And yesterday, instead of eagerly powering up my computer and opening up my WIP the minute I had some free time after entertaining the kids, I lay on the couch and tried to get my head around one of those horrible little number puzzles. And next thing I knew, a whole bloody hour (or was it two?) had gone by. Aaaargh! At least if I’m reading a book it helps my writing muse but what does Sudoku contribute to my writing? Not a helluva lot unless you count intense frustration (and wanting to scream when my 11-year-old has to show me what I’ve missed when I get stuck) as a positive contribution towards filling up that blank page. So I guess I’ll have to treat Sudoku like chocolate: it’s a rather addictive treat and it’s better to have none lying around or you’ll just HAVE to have some – or do one, in the case of Sudoku.

Mmmmm… actually, could the headache be from too much Sudoku instead of too little sleep and that one glass of bubbly late last night? Might stick with this excuse from now on as it’s slightly less pathetic to say you’ve worked your brain so hard doing Sudoku that you’ve given yourself a headache, rather than admitting you’re getting too old to hack a couple of dance classes, one not-so-late night and one (one!!!) glass of alcohol.

So Monday I’m back into it… well, after taking the kids to the obligatory school holiday movie session!

And now to September reads. BTW you’ll note I figured it was about time I read the final instalment of Harry Potter (and I rather liked the last line, so there!) And having read the first instalment in Tamora Pierce’s series I’m urging my daughter to read faster so I can get my hands on the rest – loooooved The Magic in the Weaving and can’t wait to find out what happens to all the main characters in subsequent books.

-Desert Justice by Valerie Parv
-A Younger Man by Linda Turner
-Alpha And Omega by Patricia Briggs*
-Inhuman by Eileen Wilks*
-Buying Trouble by Karen Chance*
-Mona Lisa Betwining by Sunny*
-A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole
-Sex, Lies And Vampires by Katie MacAlister
-Love Bites by Lindsay Sands
-You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister
-Dark Destiny by christine Feehan
-My Wicked Highlander by Jen Holling
-Cast in Courtlight by Michelle Sagara
-Mind Game by Christine Feehan
-Angel With Attitude by Michelle Rowan
-Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones
-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling
-The Gunslinger (Dark Tower 1) by Stephen King
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling
-Things To Make And Mend by Ruth Thomas
-The Magic in the Weaving by Tamora Pierce
-Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi
-The Drawing of the Three (Dark Tower 2) by Stephen King
-High School Bites (The Lucy Chronicles) by Liza Conrad
-Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon

*From the “On The Prowl” Anthology

Cheers for now,



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