Scraps of inspiration

I was gazing round my office, desperate for some inspiration as to what the heck my weekly Writers Gone Wild post was gonna be about, when my gaze lit on my noticeboard.

Pinned to it are the usual school and sports club notices, hairstylist appointment cards, and orthodontist appointment reminders (those last being for my daughter to have her braces — or “smile enhancers” as we like to call them — periodically checked and adjusted).

But all that paraphernalia only takes up a small portion of the board. What fills up my noticeboard is all the scraps of paper on which I’ve scrawled phrases that speak to me. These can be quotes, snatches of song lyrics, lines spoken by characters in TV shows or films, snippets from books that have jumped out and grabbed me by the throat, and even some emails that I’ve been sent and felt compelled to print out.

There’s no rhyme nor reason to what I’ve written down and stuck on my noticeboard. I have no idea why these particular words imprinted themselves on my brain and insisted that I stop whatever I was doing, and quickly grab a pen and paper to record them. All I know is that at the time, they meant something to me and so I’ve kept them. And one of these snippets actually sparked an entire book!

So I thought it’d be interesting to share some of them with you over at Writers Gone Wild.

Enjoy — and who knows, perhaps even be inspired!



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