Scent Of A Man review, woohoo!

An author-friend of mine recently won her choice of my back-list over at the Dark Side DownUnder blog, where I was hosting a Magic Thursday Giveaway. She chose Scent Of A Man, and paid me the lovely compliment of saying she’d been “dying to read it!”

It’s nerve-wracking enough when someone you know is reading your books, but when that person also happens to be a very talented author with an editor at a publishing house I’d kill to write for, it’s doubly nerve-wracking.

What if she hates it? What if the story really doesn’t work, or worse, sucks! What if she says something nice about it but she’s only being polite because she knows me? What if…. AAAAARGH!

Anyway, she’s finished the book, and has emailed me this review for me to post on my website.

So, did she like Scent Of A Man?

You be the judge!

In Scent Of A Man, Maree Anderson weaves a compelling tale of dangerous desires and forbidden love. Privileged Joseph Godwin, born and brought up in a sexually repressed society where women are considered chattel of their menfolk, has his future torn from him when he becomes one of the reviled Scentinels – a man no woman can possibly resist. His only salvation is to trust his enemy – Liliana, a woman and a warrior from Europa.

Confident, experienced and the only woman able to resist his intoxicating scent, Liliana is unlike anyone Joseph has ever known before. Scent of a Man is a wonderful erotic journey of two people from very different cultures who must work together to overcome prejudice, betrayal and the fragile vulnerabilities of their own hearts.

Christina Phillips
CAPTIVE – NOR – Top Pick Review
FORBIDDEN ~ JERR 5 Star Recommended Read


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