Scent Of A Man out Feb 2011

Woohoo! Just had it confirmed that Scent Of A Man, Joseph and Liliana’s story, is scheduled for a February 2011 release *VBG*

I have to give a big shout-out to my editor, Judith, who’s currently reading through revisions despite coping with some pretty major upheaval in her life, and yet still finds the time to drop me a line to keep me informed on her progress. Hugs, Judith. Wish they could be in person, not just cyber-hugs.

And huge thanks to Alexandria and the Red Sage team, who very kindly understood where I was at, and allowed me to delay sending through all the marketing info they needed while I did a massive rewrite.

Why a massive rewrite?

Well, that’s what it takes to turn what was originally a fantasy written a few years back, into a true erotic romance. And I just couldn’t get my head around writing a press release and marketing stuff for a story I hadn’t yet finished. I was stressed to the max, panicking that if I sent through an excerpt, blurb, and synopses and such, too early on in process, the story would radically change and the info I’d sent would no longer reflect the story. So thank you, guys. You gave me the space to quit stressing and concentrate on the story. You’re all awesome–muwah! (And yes, I’ve emailed all the marketing and cover info through to Judith *g*)

The blurb for Scent Of A Man is now up on the My Books page–just scroll down past the covers to check it out.

Next stop, the cover *VBG*



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2 Responses to “Scent Of A Man out Feb 2011”

  1. Nay says:

    Oh my goodness Maree. I cannot wait!!!!! I am so very excited.

  2. Maree says:

    Hi Nay! How are you, girl?

    Pretty cool that Joseph is finally gonna be coming to an eBook near you, huh? I’m really excited about this one, as it’s an older, much beloved manuscript that I’d almost given up on.

    And I think you’ll like the new improved Joseph. He’s still “inexperienced” but now he’s more of a true erotic romance hero throughout the story. Rock on February!