Scent Of A Man – the cover

Hi y’all,

Just got the cover through for my February release, SCENT OF A MAN, so had to share it *VBG*.

This story is a fantasy, so I love the way the scene and the colors that have been used evoke the setting and “feel” of the story. And as for the hero…. Yep, indeedy. Very, very happy with it!

What do you think?

(Available 1st Feb 2011 from Red Sage Publishing)

Joseph is a highborn Anglian noble living in a harshly religious society where the Council and their clerics enforce chastity, and women are oppressed and treated like chattels. Overnight, Joseph undergoes a rare transformation and becomes a Scentinel, a man who exudes powerful sexual pheromones that make him irresistible to females. His people believe he is evil and will execute him on sight. He’s on the run, starving and desperate. He has nothing more to lose–or so he believes.

He’s rescued by Liliana, a “morally corrupt” Europan woman with an agenda. She’s a creature even rarer than Joseph, a Null who can neutralize Scentinel pheromones. Her mission is to do whatever it takes to bring Joseph safely to Europan shores. There, he’ll join Empress Vashti’s elite band of Scentinel spies — provided he survives his training with his sanity intact, and learns how to suppress his pheromones at will. And falling in love with the man she must ultimately betray was never part of Liliana’s plan.

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25 Responses to “Scent Of A Man – the cover”

  1. Kylie Griffin says:

    Hey Maree, this IS a very sensual cover and the colours compliment the tone. No wonder you’re excited. :-)

  2. Cass says:

    Hi Maree,

    Love the cover…I like the vulnerability/strength elements and the misty hues at the bottom. It’s very evocative and well balanced.
    Congratulations. : )

  3. rowena says:

    Fantastic Maree. Very, very exciting.

  4. Gorgeous, Maree! You should be proud. Its captured a very touching moment between the couple so well. Its really great!

  5. Maree says:

    Thanks for your lovely feedback, ladies. I’m really thrilled with this one! *VBG*

  6. TG Ayer says:

    Smoking Hot Maree!!
    I love how its sexy but subtle too. Nice…Clap Clap

  7. Amanda Ashby says:

    Hey Maree – wow, that is a really beautiful cover. I hope you’ve had a lovely glass of wine to celebrate it!!!!

  8. Amanda R-S says:

    Oh Maree – love it, it is awesome!!!!!

  9. Carly Carson says:

    Great cover. I really like the hint of fantasy at the bottom.

  10. Terry Spear says:

    He’s gorgeous! I want him! He definitely looks like a hunky wolf. Hmmm…

  11. Hi Maree – very sensual. Lovely colours and sense of mystery. Roll on Feb!

    • Maree says:

      Thanks, Leigh. I love that it’s got a sensual feel, too. And I think the colors really do evoke that. As for Feb…. I’ve got to get through the December release, first. Sigh….

  12. Beautiful cover, Maree – and the hero is gorgeous!! I’d definitely have a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate :-)

    • Maree says:

      Thanks, Christina! He is rather gorgeous, isn’t he? I’m going to enjoy printing this one off in color and sticking it in my brag-book ;-)

  13. ooh, he is mighty yummy. great cover.


    Eternal Press 7 feb 2011

  14. Oh what a lovely cover Maree – congratulations!! :)

  15. Sonya says:

    Hi Maree

    About time this one got picked up – I can finally read the ending (in three months)

    Great cover.


  16. Maree says:

    Hey, thanks so much for your lovely comments, ladies! Appreciate it very much indeed *VBG*

    Sonya — hi there! It’s changed quite a bit since you read the sample…. in a really good way, I hope!

    • Sonya says:

      If the changes got it published they must be good (or bad depending on the character ) – Can’t wait even more now because it will be all new!