That scene I just can’t forget!

There’s a scene from Marian Keyes’ Sushi For Beginners that for some reason has always stayed with me. There’s something tender and funny and quite special about it that for me, makes it quite memorable . It’s a book that I first read years ago. It’s a book that I periodically re-read, and this scene still does it for me!

Here’s the set-up:

Ashling has a nasty ear-infection — something that always happens to her when she’s stressed. She can’t wash her hair herself because if she gets water in her ear the eardrum will perforate — yikes! And she hasn’t been able to get a hair-appointment before the hugely important function that night because all the hairdressers are booked out…. due to the hugely important function happening that night! She’s miserable, feeling like crap, and looks like something the cat dragged in.

Her boss’s boss, Jack, — whom Ashling always feels embarrassed and confused around — spots her. He asks her what’s wrong and she’s so upset that she actually confides in him. Feeling sorry for her, Jack orders her into the bathroom so that he can wash her hair for her.

And then, right there in the ladies bathroom, while performing a most mundane task and worrying whether someone is going to walk in on him, Jack becomes hyper-aware of Ashling the woman, rather than Ashling the slightly irritating employee he refers to as Little Miss Fix-it.

It shouldn’t be a sexy scene, right? I mean to say, there’s nothing sexy about an ear infection, unwashed hair, and an office bathroom. And the scene even mentions urinals — eeeew! But whenever I reach this part of the book, I always get a squirmy feeling in my stomach and find myself daydreaming about divinely gorgeous men going above and beyond the call of duty to show me how much they care. Sigh….

So that’s my topic for this week’s Writers Gone Wild post: Scenes you just can’t seem to forget. Scenes that for some reason are so memorable, they stay with you for years after you’ve read them.

If you’d like to read the actual excerpt from Sushi For Beginners and share your own memorable scenes, then please pop over and visit me at Writers Gone Wild.



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