SB Sarah and “Lessons In Seduction”

Every time I think I’m coming to terms with accepting that next time I head to a RWNZ Auckland chapter meeting, Sandra won’t be there to gossip with, and share all the trials and tribulations being a writer, something happens to blow acceptance to smithereens and open the door to sadness again. It sucks that we won’t share a drink after the meeting, and that we won’t all get to cheer her on, and applaud how bloody well her career is going, and let her know how thrilled we are that she’s getting the recognition she deserves.

It. Majorly. Sucks.

Seeing on my RSS feeds that Smart Bitch Sarah, from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has selected Sandra’s post-humous book, Lessons In Seduction, for her Sizzling Book Club Pick is one of those times.

Sarah has scheduled Lessons In Seduction for her Book Club Chat on Thursday, December 22 at 9:00 pm ET— how cool is that?

Wow. This is such a coup for an author–an outstanding endorsement of Sandra’s talent.

But it’s bittersweet, you know?

Here’s what SB Sarah had to say about Lessons In Seduction:


This book is. So. Adorable.”


“Even if this weren’t Sandra Hyatt’s last book, I would want to share this with you. But knowing this is the last book of hers that we can enjoy is a sad thing indeed, because I love the characters and the wit and the story. I hope you enjoy it, too.”

Read the full review on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

For buy links, and links to an excerpt of Lessons In Seductions, go to my Nov 30 blog post.

(And Sandra, if you’re watching over us, please know your RWNZ friends are so very proud of you!)





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