A Russell Flint by John Betjeman

My hubby found a poem by John Betjeman somewhere and brought it home for me to read. It really tickled his fancy and I just love it! So whimsical and delightfully evocative :-).

I can really see the girl he’s describing…. Mr Betjeman paints a masterful picture with his words. If I could be half as clever with my character descriptions, I’d be verrrry happy!
So I’d like to share a couple of verses from the poem – hope I don’t get into trouble for posting them here.

BTW, I didn’t even know who Russell Flint was before reading the poem. (He’s a famous watercolor artist by the way. Check out: www.sirwilliamrussellflint.co.uk.) Lovely stuff!

Here’s an excerpt from “A Russell Flint” by John Betjeman:

I could not speak for amazement at your beauty;
Yet when you spoke to me,

You were calm and gentle as a rock pool
Waiting, warm, for the sea.

Wave on wave, I plunged in them to meet you –
In wave on wave I drown;
Calm rock pool, on the shore of my security
Hold me when the tide goes down.

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