RomAus conference almost!

I’m off to my very first overseas writers’ conference tomorrow — the Romance Writers of Australia (RomAus) conference, which is being held in Brisbane this year. And I’ve just realized, this is the first time I’ll be going on an overseas trip on my own. The last time I flew overseas without my husband, I had my then one-year-old daughter with me, and I was pregnant with my son, so it kinda doesn’t count as being on my own, LOL. Besides, I was meeting up with my husband, so it wasn’t quite as scary a prospect. This time, if I screw up and miss my shuttle or get lost and can’t remember the way back to my hotel, it’s up to me. Yikes.

Aside from the fact it’s a helluva lot warmer in Brisbane than Auckland at the moment –yay!– I’m looking forward to meeting some of my Twitter and RomAus loop friends in person. And although I’m usually quite shy about meeting new people — yes, it’s true, I tell you! — there’s a heckuva lot of ice-breakers planned, just for newbs like me.

Thursday night, we have an e-list dinner at a local restaurant. And there’s karaoke…could be interesting!

Friday, the conference starts for real, and there’s the Arabian Nights cocktail party to look forward to in the evening. I gotta say, sorry tweeters, but I’m leaving those sparkly harem pants I found in my wardrobe, in my wardrobe. They’re just too sparkly. And see-through. And did I mention sparkly? Gonna take about 500 more gym sessions before I’m seen in public wearing those. I’m playing it safe!

Saturday morning all us SFFP writers are meeting for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I’m expecting some heavy-eyed yawning because of the 7am start, but hey, who needs sleep anyway? And Saturday night there’s the Awards Dinner. I gotta admit, it’ll be nice to kick back and watch the fun without worrying about falling off the stage or standing on your skirt, or tripping down the stairs. How do I know this? Because last year, at the RWNZ conference, I had to get out of my chair and negotiate my way up to, and on to, that damn stage 3 times. Thank goodness this year it’ll only be the once, LOL!

Sunday, I’ll unfortunately have to leave a bit early to catch my airport shuttle, but hopefully I won’t miss too much. And, I remembered to pack the camera — or rather, my husband remembered to pack the camera for me — so I’ll be posting some photos on the blog when I get back. RomAus attendees? You have been warned… mwah hah hah!

Watch this space,



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