Rocking the reading specs

I’m at that weird stage of life where I need reading glasses  for up-close stuff like the buttons on the TV remote, but if I look up at the TV while still wearing glasses, everything’s blurry. It’s hella disorienting, but not too much of an issue. For now, the cheap reading glasses with various different magnifications I can buy at the pharmacy or the supermarket do just fine… which is a blessing because according to my optician, I’d be up for $$$ bi-focals and with (among other expenses) DD about to head off to university, I sure can’t afford to drop a grand on reading glasses O.O  Instead, I can buy multiple cheap pairs, all with different frames, for around $12 each, and leave pairs of them lying around the house, rather than having to rummage in my handbag for one pair. It’s, frankly, awesome how many different styles and designs are available at the pharmacy or supermarket; whoever came up with that marketing idea is a freaking genius :)

What’s not so awesome is reading while walking on the treadmill and having my glasses fog up. Or wondering where the hell I put the glasses I just had, grabbing another pair… and realizing when I push that pair up on my head so I can see the computer monitor, that the pair I’d mislaid are — you guessed it — perched on top of my head.

I’m very much aware that my eyesight is getting worse, and eventually I will have to suck it up and pay for expensive prescription lenses — it’s just one of the consequences of getting older. So I was Googling pics of frames, and of course a bunch of celebs wearing glasses popped up. Nice! I’m feeling better about this necessity already :)  If it’s good enough for Katherine Hiegl, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp and these 13 Celebs Who Look Gorgeous In Glasses

Anyway, I know it’s gonna be a difficult task finding just the right frames so I’m glad I’ve got oodles of time to try on oodles of frames before I have to do that whole head down to the optometrist thing and try on Every. Single. Pair. In. Their. Shop.  Hey, it’s an important decision, right? And here’s hoping I’ll rock the hell out of whichever frames I choose… like the new Smart Bitches lady. Man, I hope I suit retro frames like these!!!

Mmm. What I need is an app that lets me upload a photo of myself, so I can virtually try a bunch of different frames and– Oh wait. There IS an app for that! Now all I need to do is either upgrade my ancient iPhone or buy an iPad….

Speaking of reading glasses and having them fog up while exercising, I need to go do some exercise right now! And since this post is already too long, I’ll end with a quick shout-out to these four memorable reads in January:

And here’s my full reading list for January 2015:

  • No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean
  • Full Throttle by Erin McCarthy
  • Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry
  • Breeze of Life by Kirsty Dallas
  • Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy
  • The Do-Gooder by Jessie L. Star
  • A Season for Scandal: Tangled Reins by Stephanie Laurens
  • Letting Go by Maya Banks
  • Callie; The Long Road Home by Maddie James
  • Texas Rebel by Jean Brashear
  • A Sinful Seduction by Elizabeth Lane
  • Codex Born by Jim C. Hines
  • True by Erin McCarthy
  • In The Dark by Sally Eggert
  • A Season for Scandal: Fair Juno by Stephanie Laurens
  • Safe Harbour by Helene Young
  • Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress by Theresa Romain

Happy Reading!



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