Rez has his own Romance Trading Card! Kinda….

Hi all,

I’ve been noticing a few references to “Romance Trading Cards” on various social media lately, so I decided to Google it — as you do *g*

Turns out, Romance Trading Cards are the latest promotional idea for romance authors attending the RT2011 and RWA2011 conventions.

Bookmarks? Ffff! *waves hand dismissively* Sooo last year, dahling. Who wants bookmarks when there are these shiny collectibles featuring your favorite heroes and heroines from your favorite books on the table just begging to be snaffled?

Personally, I love a well-designed shiny bookmark. And I like to keep the bookmark promoting a book inside the actual book, too. But after checking out some of the trading cards posted up on the Romance Trading Cards website, I’d be elbowing my fellow convention-goers aside to get my hands on some of these lovlies for sure ;-)

Anyway, given that I can’t afford to attend either RT2011 or RWA2011 unless I happen to win Lotto in the near future, I’ve consoled myself in other ways. And for the past week I’ve had THE MOST FUN neglecting my current manuscript in favor of having a go at designing my own Romance Trading Card. Yanno. Just for the hell of it *VBG*

So here’s my take on a Romance Trading Card. This one features Rez, the Drakon Demon hero of my very first Red Sage novella, Even Demons Get The Blues. (First image is the cover of the card, second image is the reverse.)

I thought I’d do one for Leisa, the heroine of Even Demons Get The Blues, too. And let’s not forget Asmodeus, my totally amoral and devilishly handsome Demon King. He’d throw one helluva tantrum if if I didn’t give him his very own card.

Then there are Brennan and Naamah from Let Sleeping Demons Lie. A leonine Lycan hero and a Felinoid Demon heroine — they’d sure be fun. And maybe even the villainous Hyena from that book as well?

Ooh! And let’s not forget the delicious Asher, AKA Sam Bond, the Phoenixae alien hero of From The Ashes. He’d look pretty damned fine on a romance trading card. With a phoenix rising in the background…. Mmmm.

And what about Joseph & Liliana from Scent Of A Man? And maybe —

Oookay. *takes a deep breath and scolds herself until she calms down* It’s obvious I’d pretty much get right into this trading card thing provided I had the $$ to afford to get them all printed, LOL.

So what d’ya think? If I did bite the bullet and get some cards printed, would you want one?

And if so, which character(s) would you most like to see on my romance trading cards? Heroes & heroines only, or secondary characters — including villains — too?


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