As with anything you pour your heart and soul into, there comes a time when you must send your baby out into the world.

That’s the difference between calling myself a “writer” and being an “author” I guess. As an unpublished writer, I could choose not to make my work public, not to let my critique partner read it, not to enter it into writing contests or query industry professionals. I could choose to hide it away and never let it see the light of day. In other words, I could choose the fun stuff–the actual writing–and not face the hard stuff, namely, the criticisms.

I chose to put my stories out there. And because I apparently polarize judges–they either love my “voice” or vehemently dislike it and tell me so in no uncertain terms–it’s not exactly been a pleasant experience at times. But hey, it’s only one person’s opinion, right? So I pick myself up, slather on another millimeter of thick skin, and continue sending my work out there. And ultimately, that’s how I ended up with a story published.

Now that the thrill of visiting my publisher’s website and seeing my book cover up there, and clicking on their author page and seeing my name listed, has diminished just a tad, it’s time to face the music: reviews. And because everyone’s tastes are (thankfully!) many and varied, there’ll be good reviews and there’ll be bad reviews.

Even Demons Get The Blues is published, so I have no control over who sees my story and what they say about it. I have no control over who might read that review and whether or not they’ll make a decision to buy my book solely on what they’ve just read. Worse still, if someone really hates one of my characters, or the ending, or the language I use, I no longer have a choice as to whether I take that criticism on board and change those aspects of my book. It’s published. Finito. End of story….so to speak. I’ve gotta live with my choices. Ahhhh, the life of an author. There’s nothing else like it, huh?

To read what reviewers and readers have said about Even Demons Get The Blues, click here and scroll down past the cover. (Or click on the Even Demons Get The Blues link on the right-hand side-bar.)

Just one more thing. Although I promise to post whole reviews and never to “crop” bits and bobs to show a review in a more positive light, I won’t post overly negative reviews or comments on my website. Why? It’s quite simple: because I reserve the right to make my website a positive place for me to visit!



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