Remember that guy who doesn’t understand romance?

Do you remember on Christmas Eve when I was feeling so jaded by the prospect of doing my weekly Writers Gone Wild blog post that I inviegled (okay, begged!!!) my friend Mark to write a guest post for me?

Well, those of you who stopped by Writers Gone Wild to check out Mark’s “I Don’t Understand Romance” post will know that his post went down a treat. So much so, that many of the commenters wanted more. And me being me, I encouraged Mark to write another post because I think he’s got a great & quite unique “voice” for this sort of thing.

Anyway, he sent me his next post and my intention was to feature it here, on my own website. But you know what? I changed my mind. Instead, I insisted that he get off his manly butt and design his own blog.

And, Mark being Mark (not to mention already having the perfect domain name registered — how’s that for a happy coincidence?), he’s gone and done it: launched his own blog.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Confessions Of An Insecure Geek, a guy’s point of view on romance and dating and lots more ;-)



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