New release: Phase

It’s pretty difficult to find the silver lining in recuperating from a major operation when it involves lying in bed, staring at the mould-covered ceiling and walls of my (then) rental property’s main bedroom for hours on end.

So, what’s a girl to do?

How about quit feeling sorry for herself, and use the time to finish writing a story.

I mean for the longest time I’d been wishing for a few more hours in the day, wishing I wasn’t so goddamned exhausted all the time and my muse would come out of her cave. And now here I was, stuck in bed, wishing for something to distract me from watching the clock and counting the hours until I could take another dose of pain meds.

So I sucked it up and used the time I was stuck in bed to write like a demon and finish the draft of Phase, the continuation of Wren and Kade’s story.

Unfortunately, no sooner had I gone back to work, the prospect of moving — again! — reared its ugly head, and because of that (and a number of other reasons I won’t go in to), Phase looked likely to never develop past that first draft stage.

Then my ex gave me a truly unexpected birthday present: a cover. And that cover was so darned gorgeous, I had to take the next step and get the story published.

So here it is: hope you love this cover as much as I do!

(And I hope this continuation of Wren and Kade’s story was worth the wait.)


Even the most powerful liminals can’t always save the ones they love….

My name’s Wren, and I can phase in and out of the real world. Super-cool, right? Yeah, not so much. See, I’m still struggling to learn how all this liminal stuff works. Not to mention my father’s experiments are mucking with my already volatile liminal abilities. Then there are my twin brothers: Liam, who’s obsessed with destroying Daddy-Dearest’s empire no matter what it costs, and Reilly, who’ll sacrifice everyone—including me—to save the monster lurking Between. Oh, and that monster? She just happens to be my mother.

If not for Kade, I’d be losing it big-time. But my boyfriend’s got major issues of his own—issues that are slowly stripping him of his sanity. If we don’t escape this hellhole soon it could be too late. What’s the point of being so damned powerful if you can’t save the ones you love?


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