New Release: Freaks Series Bundle

I haz new release! *does dorky celebratory-style dance*

Okay, so it’s not quite as exciting as a brand new book but hey, a three-book bundle is nothing to be sneezed at, right?


And besides, there IS a shiny new cover involved:

Freaks Series Bundle

SQUEEEEEE! I love this cover :)

The Freaks Series Bundle contains three full-length novels (approximately 215,000 words) and includes:

  • Freaks of Greenfield High, Book One of the Freaks series
  • Freaks in the City, Book Two of the Freaks series
  • Freaks Under Fire, Book Three of the Freaks series


Freaks of Greenfield High (Book One of the Freaks series)

Who said a cyborg can’t fall in love…

Jay’s a cyborg who looks just like a normal teenage girl. She’s super-strong, super-smart, and she can even appear to age like a human. When a covert organization intent on using Jay as a weapon comes after her, she needs to find a place where she can blend in. Greenfield High seems perfect… except that the boys all think she’s totally hot and keep hitting on her, and she has no clue how to handle the attention. Who knew high school could be so perilous?

To add to her confusion Jay’s evolving — experiencing human emotions for the first time — and her encounters with ex-jock-turned-outcast Tyler send her logical brain into a spin. She’s just starting to get the hang of this girlfriend/boyfriend thing when her pursuers track her down. Now’s sooo not the time for a cyborg to fall in love and get all emotional!BlankLine


Freaks in the City (Book Two of the Freaks series)

True love isn’t a cakewalk when your girlfriend’s a cyborg!

For Jay and Tyler, living together is… challenging—especially when the secrets they’re keeping from Tyler’s family blow up in their faces. The last thing they need is the ex-girlfriend from hell showing up on their doorstep. Nessa’s not exactly Jay’s favorite human right now, but Tyler’s ex is destitute, and desperate for a place to stay until the latest hot mess she’s embroiled in gets sorted. Besides, it’s better to keep your enemies close, right?

Sure enough, Nessa has designs on Tyler and a hidden agenda. But discovering who is manipulating her behind the scenes isn’t easy, even for a super-smart computer-savvy cyborg like Jay. Everything falls apart when a vulnerable member of Tyler’s family is threatened, forcing Jay to confront a ghost from her past who’ll stop at nothing to destroy her. And this time, the weapon he’s sent after Jay really could be the death of her.


Freaks Under Fire (Book Three of the Freaks series)

For a cyborg like Jay, life was never going to be simple.

Jay’s still reeling from her encounter with a rogue cyborg assassin when she discovers she has a twin—a severely damaged Beta unit. Jay is determined to find the Beta, and help her if she can. Now all she needs to do is convince her boyfriend Tyler that it’s best for him to stay behind. But Jay’s not the only one searching for her twin. With enemies who’ll stop at nothing, and Tyler and his family caught in the crossfire, Jay’s life is about to get a whole lot more complicated… and a whole lot more dangerous.


Excerpts from each book can be found on the book’s website page:


The FREAKS SERIES BUNDLE is available from the following outlets:

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And don’t forget that you can “Try Before You Buy” and download Freaks of Greenfield High (Book 1 of the Freaks series), FREE! 

(Download links are on the Freaks of Greenfield High Book page)

Happy reading!




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