When real life spills over

Hi all,

I’m blogging over at Writers Gone Wild today about how viewers’ perceptions might change (or not!) when the lead couple in a TV series get serious in “real life”.

In this case, the series I’m talking about is True Blood. And unless you’ve been living in the back of beyond, without TV, internet or newspapers, you’ll know that Anna Paquin is now engaged to her co-star, Stephen Moyer. So Sookie and Vampire Bill are now an item both on screen and off screen. And where does this leave the gorgeous, deliciously bad, Eric?

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2 Responses to “When real life spills over”

  1. Lisa Richards says:

    Do people really care? I mean if you’ve got a life, why would what the characters in a TV show( a TV show people) do really matter to you any more than what the people who live on the next block do? Jeeze, who cares?

    • Maree says:

      Of course you make an excellent point, Lisa. But what the post is trying to ask is whether knowing about a real-life relationship between the stars of a TV series, in any way colors your perceptions about the scenes they do together.

      Personally, I had a big, “whoa, that’s kinda weird” moment when Anna and Stephen came on screen together for the first time in Series 2, Episode 1. It took me a few minutes to set aside all the media coverage stuff I’d seen about their engagement and get back into them as Sookie and Bill.

      But that’s just me. Hence the post.

      Thanks for your comment!