“Real Life” Issues in YA Books

Spotted an interesting discussion over at The Supernatural Underground blog about sex in Young Adult novels.

I can only speak for myself and, since she’s only in her first year of high school, my daughter. Daughter is a voracious reader. Loves paranormals. Is always picking up the books I’m reading and checking out the blurbs. Or at least, I hope that’s all she’s checking out!

It was pretty easy to monitor her reading material at first. Since I’m a big reader of paranormal YA myself, inevitably, I’d read a book first and then pass it on to her. I trusted that if she had any issues with anything she read, she would approach me about it and we’d have one of those frank mother/daughter conversations. You know, the ones that tend to send your menfolk running screaming from the room with their hands over their ears going “LaLaLaLa” ;-)

Nowadays, daughter’s buying her own books and ordering books in from her library. Frequently, she’ll read a series and recommend it to me…. And there’s bound to come a time when I’ll freak at the mere thought of her having read a particular scene! Hasn’t happened yet, but it will happen.

Anyhoo, this all got me thinking… and blogging over at Writers Gone Wild today about  “real life” issues in today’s YA books.

As always, I’d be interested in your opinions, so if you feel inclined, pop on over and have at it!



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