Reading delights & a furry treat!

Hi y’all,

I’m in the throes of a tricky rewrite at the moment. It’s a self-imposed rewrite, BTW. Yanno, just because I feel like another challenge *rolls eyes*. And the upshot of this rewrite, plus the Sekrit Topic post I wrote in advance for my part in our Writers Gone Wild Really Exciting Thing (happening next month, just in case you were interested) is that my brain has turned to pudding. Meaning I’m kinda all blogged out.

I thought about not posting at all and hoping none of my fellow Wild Writers noticed…. for about five whole seconds. But I’m a realist. So I know there’s are fat chance of that happening. They’d all get out their fluffy whips and have at me. *shudders*

And it was reeeally tempting to just grab piccies of some of the hot half-nekkid guys that have been featured on one of my paranormal writers loops lately and post those. But I managed to restrain myself. With difficulty, I must add. Because, I’m telling you, the guys they post are so darned gorgeous it makes my teeth ache. And the one they posted this morning of Jensen Ackles (Dean from Supernatural) had me fanning myself really really fast. Whew!

So anyway, over at Writers Gone Wild this week, I shared a little about this rewrite I’m doing. Then I rounded it off with the really interesting stuff: excerpts from a couple of outstanding books I’ve read recently, and why I liked them so much. Finally, I invited commenters to share what they’ve been reading lately. (And, just quietly, it’s all part of my cunning plan to add shiny new authors to my Must Acquire pile. Bwah hah hah!)


Duh. Of course you are! So please head over to Writers Gone Wild and check out Rewrites and Reading Delights.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then never fear, coz I’m saving the best till last. I’m sure the Never Cry Wolf giveaway with the awesomely talented Cynthia Eden will float your boat. Ten reasons why werewolves are awesome? I’m so there!



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