Read an eBook week

Oops, better late than never! This week, from March 6-12, 2011 is Read An eBook Week. Not that I need to worry about any of you reading eBooks, right? Right *VBG*

But if you happen to be an eBook virgin, here’s an excellent one-stop-website that will tell you everything you need to know about how to get started.

I love eBooks. I love the see-it want-it got-it! immediacy of them. I love that if I’m stuck somewhere, instead of cursing because I haven’t got a paperback with me, I can pull out my iPhone and read a book.

But I love paperbacks, too. My office is overflowing with stacks of them. As is my bedroom. And various other place *g*

And the think about eBooks? No matter how much they evolve, I don’t ever think you’ll be able to do THIS with them:

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