Quote of the week from Mark Coker

Quote of the week–or perhaps year–comes from the uber-discerning and marketing-savvy Mark Coker of Smashwords:

“Pay attention to romance.  Study it.  Read it.  No other genre does a better job of getting inside the heads of readers, especially female readers.  Even if you write thrillers, mysteries, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy or even horror, your books will probably get better if you study romance.  Romance writers are among some of the finest storytellers of interpersonal relationships.  If you want your readers to care what happens next to your characters, study the masters.”

Mark wrote this in his blog post about his experiences, thoughts and observations during the recent Romance Writers of America conference in Anaheim.

My immediate response? Hell yes!

(You can read the rest of Mark’s post about “The Future of eBook Publishing at RWA 2012” here.)



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