Concerning quirky queries

Here’s another little wince-worthy treat from a blog called SlushPile Hell, where “A grumpy literary agent wades through query-fails”.

“I found your company in the 2010 Guide to Literary Agents and thought I would query you despite the fact that you are not representing children’s books. I figured the worst thing you can say is “no” or not respond at all.”

No, the worst thing I can say is “See you on SlushPile Hell.”

*Snort!* I’ve written many a shocking query in my time. And when I look back now at those early ones, I just want to cringe. They’re frankly, terrible! Worse, they’re embarassing — dive-under-the-quilt-and-stay-there-for-the-next-week embarassing, even. I soooo wish that I’d had access to blogs like this one, and other informative agent blogs, so that I didn’t make a complete dork of myself back in those early days. But alas, I started out with the 2004 edition of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents and I thought I was pretty darn savvy! Oh, how wrong I was, LOL.

So today over at Writers Gone Wild, I’m sharing a couple of the dumbest things I ever wrote in my query letters, and I invite you to snicker at my folly.

Hey, if you’re brave, you might like to share your dumbest moment when writing a query in the comments, too. Fellow Wild Woman Liane has already started the ball rolling and it’s a goodie! So don’t be shy. I can guarantee whatever you’ve done, one — or all! — of us will have made the same mistake!



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