The Perfect Christmas Surprise

The Perfect Christmas Surprise (cross-posted from Writers Gone Wild)
Hi y’all,

I find it’s nigh on impossible to buy presents for my teenage kids anymore. They have firm ideas of what they like/want/need–very firm. And they will often save like demons throughout the year and ask for cash for Christmas so they can buy some coveted item that’s beyond our limited budget. Which is fine because, well, I’d rather get them something they really want or need. And I already do quite enough of exchanging cash for unwanted gift certificates specific to various stores they never shop at for cash or an iTunes card without contributing to the problem. It’s either that or dragging a reluctant teen into that totally uncool store, and demanding they use that darned gift card before it expires to buy something they’d never be seen dead wearing/owning/using in public. *cue full body shudders*

So the upshot is I’d rather give the kids something they really want… which invariably means asking them straight-up what it is they’d like for Christmas. But damn, I really miss those days when they were little and I knew them so well I knew exactly what gifts would wreath those little faces in big delighted smiles. Ah, those were the days when their Christmas day gifts were always a huge surprise and I got a huge kick out of watching them open those gifts. It kinda sucks the joy from gift-giving just a little when the giftee knows exactly what they’re getting.

This year, inevitably, the kids knew what they wanted. For Kid 2 we pitched in with cash to help buy the item, and for Kid 1 we hopped on the website she directed us to and bought the exact item she wanted. But happily, for me this year the magic of Christmas day gift-opening wasn’t all gone because a few months earlier I’d found the perfect stocking stuffers and squirreled them away. And boy, come Christmas day did they go down a treat with both my teens… who have vowed to wear them next school mufti day. Can’t wait for that–it’s gonna be a hoot.

So what are these “perfect stocking stuffers” I hear you asking? Well, this is definitely a case of when picture–or three–will say a thousand words:






Yep, that is indeed a set of fake bamboo nunchucks the panda is brandishing in the first photo and yes, they came with the onesie. And I gotta say, the owl onesie is super-comfy… not that I got a chance to wear it for more than five minutes before DD reclaimed it :)

Rather tempted to buy one of these onesies for myself, actually. As one of those writers who admits to answering door at midday dressed in her pajamas on more than one occasion, I wouldn’t blink an eye at answering the door in a onesie. I can just imagine the expression on the courier’s face when I have to sign for a parcel, too *snickers* So I’m completely on board with the motto the company I bought these onesies from happens to have: “Pants suck! Get a onesie!”

Now my only problem is which onesie to choose….

(Who still can’t help grinning whenever she sees these photos. Best. Surprise. Christmas. Presents. Ever!)

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