Lightning Rider

Lightning Rider (an Elemental Riders novel)

Andie Brennan dies in a lightning strike and is miraculously healed and brought back to life. But now she’s sharing her body with an alien—the same alien who rode the lightning bolt that killed her. 

When Andie Brennan meets Jake Knight she thinks he could just be her soul mate. Only trouble is she’s already got a boyfriend – even if he is a manipulative control-freak – and Andie doesn’t do cheating. But before she can fully explore why the sound of Jake’s voice and his crooked smile make her feel happier than she’s been in years, death strikes in a searing instant, sizzling a few million neurons and arresting her heart.

Andie wakes up in hospital. Her injuries are completely healed and her recovery is being touted as “miraculous”. But she can’t remember a damn thing about her past – not even her name – and there’s a voice inside her head claiming to be a Lightning Rider Elemental named Karylon. What’s truly miraculous is that voice is real. Andie is not insane; she’s hosting an alien. What neither Karylon nor Andie know is the future of the Lightning Rider elemental race is at stake, and the omniscient Keeper of Portents has no qualms about using elementals and humans to further its hidden agenda.

How much will Karylon’s ex-lover Novik risk to be with her again? And who else is the Keeper willing to sacrifice?

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