The Crystal Warriors Series

The Crystal Warrior (Book 1)

The Crystal Warrior (Book 1)

Chalcedony and Wulfenite’s story

A career-focused dancer who’s sworn off men. A cursed warrior on borrowed time.

Ruby’s Dream (Book 2)

Ruby’s Dream (Book 2)

Ruby and Kyanite’s story

A plus-sized woman who’s been hurt one time too many. A crystal warrior who believes himself unworthy of a woman’s love….

Jade’s Choice (Book 3)

Jade’s Choice (Book 3)

Jade and Malachite’s story

A talented young artist whose dreams have been crushed. A crystal warrior who would rather die than be condemned again….

Opal’s Wish (Book 4)

Opal’s Wish (Book 4)

Opal and Danburite’s story

A damaged young woman hiding from a terrifying past. A warrior struggling to make sense of an alien world….

Claiming Amber (Book 5)

Claiming Amber (Book 5)

Amber and Tuck’s story

They took her name and crushed her spirit. And then a cursed warrior stole her heart….

Angels & Demons Novellas

Even Demons Get The Blues

Even Demons Get The Blues (Book 1)

When a demons falls in love with a human, there’s Hell to pay….

Let Sleeping Demons Lie

Let Sleeping Demons Lie (Book 2)

Felinoid demon vs Lion shifter… a match made in Hell!

Kat On A Hot Tin Roof

Kat on a Hot Tin Roof

Workaholic Jake’s not looking for anything serious, but all that changes when he encounters Kat… who just happens to be the unwitting victim of a family zodiac curse!

Lightning Rider

Lightning Rider (an Elemental Riders novel)

Andie Brennan dies in a lightning strike and is miraculously healed and brought back to life. But now she’s sharing her body with the alien who rode the lightning bolt that killed her.