The Crystal Warriors Series

The Crystal Warrior (Book 1)

The Crystal Warrior (Book 1)

Chalcedony and Wulfenite’s story

A career-focused dancer who’s sworn off men. A cursed warrior on borrowed time.

Ruby’s Dream (Book 2)

Ruby’s Dream (Book 2)

Ruby and Kyanite’s story

A plus-sized woman who’s been hurt one time too many. A crystal warrior who believes himself unworthy of a woman’s love….

Jade’s Choice (Book 3)

Jade’s Choice (Book 3)

Jade and Malachite’s story

A talented young artist whose dreams have been crushed. A crystal warrior who would rather die than be condemned again….

Opal’s Wish (Book 4)

Opal’s Wish (Book 4)

Opal and Danburite’s story

A damaged young woman hiding from a terrifying past. A warrior struggling to make sense of an alien world….

Angels & Demons Novellas

Even Demons Get The Blues

Even Demons Get The Blues (Book 1)

When a demons falls in love with a human, there’s Hell to pay….

Let Sleeping Demons Lie

Let Sleeping Demons Lie (Book 2)

Felinoid demon vs Lion shifter… a match made in Hell!

Kat On A Hot Tin Roof

Kat on a Hot Tin Roof

Workaholic Jake’s not looking for anything serious, but all that changes when he encounters Kat… who just happens to be the unwitting victim of a family zodiac curse!

Lightning Rider

Lightning Rider (an Elemental Riders novel)

Andie Brennan dies in a lightning strike and is miraculously healed and brought back to life. But now she’s sharing her body with the alien who rode the lightning bolt that killed her.