OW! That hurt :-(

This Word of the Week has been brought to you courtesy of Kim Koning, via Facebook — thanks, Kim!

Have you ever looked at a word you’ve just written (or typed) and the more you look at it, and the individual letters that make up that word, the more ridiculous it looks? Like, it couldn’t possibly be a real word–no way way could that combination of letters make a proper word. And then you blink, and your brain catches up with your eyes, and snap! By crikey, look at that. It is a real word after all. *face palm*

And this WotW is kinda like that for me. I keep looking at it and shaking my head, because honestly? it just looks kinda silly.

So here’s the word:


See what I mean? Mmm. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyhoo, I guess you’re wondering what on earth does “agroof” mean?

Well, we had a rather hilarious time on Kim’s Facebook page trying to guess the answer — no Googling was allowed, BTW.

Me? I went for onomatopoeia, and figured the word had to imitate a sound, namely: “The sound an unsuspecting, prone human makes when an overweight cat lands on his/her stomach. (Usually accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath.)”

I thought that was a pretty good guess. But alas, I was way off base.

My other favorite attempt was this one from Caren: “The sound my dog makes when she tries to bark with a mouthful of peanut butter.”

LOL! I’m loving the visual on that one :-)

BTW, I checked out some YouTube videos of dogs eating peanut butter, thinking I might be able to provide you with an amusing video based around Caren’s definition. But every single vid was basically just dogs licking the peanut butter off their chops for a really really loooong time while their owners snickered. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any videos where a dog had eaten a mouthful of peanut butter and tried to bark. Shame. ‘Cause I reckon that would have been very amusing. But again, that’s just me. And I’m more of a cat person ;-)

Seriously, though, here’s the official definition:

AGROOF: adverb — to fall flat on your face; to be face downward and prone. (From the Norse á grúfu, meaning  ‘face-down’ or ‘on the belly’.)

And with very little seriousness whatsoever, here’s another definition I found on Urban Dictionary:

AGROOF: A large group of buff black men who can’t spell.


Oookay then.




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2 Responses to “OW! That hurt :-(”

  1. Kaz Delaney says:

    I don’t think there was much difference between your def and the official def, Maree.

    I reckon if you were agroof and an overweight cat landed on your back you’d still say ‘agroof’! Especially if you were agroof on a bed of mud (?) and you ended up face-planted. I’m pretty sure what you’d say would sound like ‘agroof’, even if you were really saying something else completely. Just sayin’…

    • Excellent point, Kaz! I reckon we should hijack the meaning of agroof and consign it “officially” to the ranks of onomatopoeia. Because really, “agroof”? It doesn’t get much more evocative than that *g*