One-Stop Shops for Readers and Authors

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One-Stop Shops by Maree Anderson (for Writers Gone Wild)

Hi ya’ll,

I was intending to write a featured post for my website/blog about the evolution of an eBook cover, and cross-post it here. But I’m kinda all mushy-brained from an intense round of edits and the shock of kitting out my kids with new school uniforms, bags, stationery, shoes…. KACHING!

So the serious article I’d planned for my post this week didn’t happen. Sorry guys.

And rather than whip something up and have it be total rubbish, I figured I’d share some info with y’all that might hopefully be of benefit to both eBook readers and authors. (Especially those authors who’ve dipped their toes into the self-publishing arena.)

So without further ado, here’s a bunch of sites that promote eBooks.

Readers: you may find some of these sites make your browsing and trying to decide what to buy experiences a whole heap easier! Nothing like a one-stop shop *g*

Authors: you may find some of these sites useful to promote your book. Some are free, some will cost you. I don’t endorse them all by any means, but for your information, I’ll put ** by those I’ve personally used and include a link to my “page” so you can see a sample of what each site offers if you’re considering submitting your book.

Note: I’ve re-coded the html links, meaning that *hopefully!* all the main links will open in a new browser page so you don’t have to keep clicking back one page to return here. (I hate that I have to manually code this, BTW. WordPress gives me a box to tick when I insert the link, and codes it automatically. Just sayin’…)


The Book Designer**

This website is full of great info for self-published authors but the very savvy Joel Friedlander also runs a monthly cover art contest, where you can submit your eBook cover(s) and Joel will offer sage advice about whether it works or not. There are two categories: fiction and non-fiction. The winner in each category gets a coveted badge for their website.

I submitted two covers: Freaks of Greenfield High and The Crystal Warrior, and Joel was complimentary about both–much to my husband’s delight, since he was the designer :) And it was Joel’s suggestion I write an article about the evolution of one of my covers. (Here’s the link to the October awards, which includes my covers)


Kindle Paranormal Authors**

(Click here for my Kindle Paranormal Authors page link) 


(Click here for my ISelfPub page link)


eReader Daily News**

(Click here for my eReader Daily news page link) 



(Click here for my Super E-Books page links)


Stories of Romance**

Note: my author spotlight is scheduled for 25th Feb, so can’t give you a link yet.


1500 Authors**

(Here’s the link to the YA page that features one of my books)

(Here’s the link to the romance page that features one of my books)


Kindle Author

The Kindle 3 Books

Book Buzzed

The Kindle Book Review

Digital Book Today

Indie Reader

Kindle Finds

Kindle Spice

Indie Books List

Bargain Books for Your Nook

The Frugal eReader

Pixel Of Ink


There are heaps more, of course, and I’m still compiling a master list. But I hope this helps!



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